I’m Amar Shabandar, a graffiti enthusiast based in Beirut. Several years ago, I travelled to Egypt for work and ended up collecting captivating pictures of the booming art culture splattered and sprayed across the walls in and around Tahrir Square; I saw the musings and outcries of the people brought to life with an explosion of bright colors and irresistible imagination. Since then, I have longed to commit my efforts to something a little closer to home. I decided it was time to seek out the art that recreates and redefines the city of Beirut, its suburbs, and the sociopolitical events occurring therein.  Within these areas and on their walls, I have discovered a world of personalized styles, geographical differences, and sociopolitical commentaries in the practice of street art. This website is dedicated to the growing visual and artistic culture of local Lebanese graffiti and aims to document and share the growing visual culture of local street art and the opinions of the artists who resist, contest, and reinvent our urban landscape.  

Special Thanks to the Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund and The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut for their support and contribution in helping this project come to life.


I claim no credit for the street art captured in these photographs, all the pieces found were drawn for the public eye by local and visiting graffiti artists in Lebanon. When available, artist names will be included. Apart from the interviews with the artists, all opinions expressed on this website are my own.

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